Monday, January 17, 2011

Bags from Plantin Schoolbook

I tend to be a visual person and I like to see how things are, so I seem to make myself a lot of reference type sheets.  A while ago I needed to package up a gift quickly and had nothing at home to use.  I thought I would make myself a bag from one of my cricut cartridges, but I had no idea how each one would turn out or how much room inside there would be.  So I thought once I had the chance I would cut out each bag and make myself a little reference sheet.  If I am going through all this work for myself, why not share it!

I started with Plantin Schoolbook since they only had a couple, and I already posted my font reference sheet and end cap reference sheets in the past.  I might even do the envelopes for this cartridge as well.

I cut these out with an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and chose fit to page to cut at the maximum size, but I got the maximum size cuts for 12x12 and 24x12 as well.  I also included the measurements of the put together bag, but on my reference sheet I forgot to mention that the size of the completed bag was for a bag made with 8.5x11 paper and not the bigger sizes.

This is the main bag
Maximum cut sizes:
8.5x11: 6.5"
12x12: 7.25"
24x12: 11.5"
Height to top of bag: 4 3/8"
Height to top of handles: 5 5/8"

Shadow of main bag - this one has no cut lines or score lines.  I had to make my own
Maximum cut sizes:
8.5x11: 6.25"
12x12: 7"
24x12: 11"
Height to top of bag: 4 1/2"
Height to top of handles: 5 5/8"

Tall Ball
Maximum Size cuts:
8.5x11: 9"
12x12: 12.5" (don't know how, but that's what it gave me!)
24x12: 13"
Height to top of bag: 3 5/8"
Height to top of handles: 4 3/8"

Maximum size cuts: 
8.5x11: 6.75"
12x12: 7.5"
24x12: 11.5"
Height to top of bag: 5 5/8"

Roly Poly
Maximum size cuts:
8.5x11: 5.75"
12x12: 6.25"
24x12: 11.5"
Height to top of bag: 3 5/8"
Height to top of handles: 4 3/4"

I took this picture to show that pretty much all the bags have the same size inside of them, which is about 1 1/4" except for Tall Ball, the round on at the end.  That one is about 1 3/8"

This is a picture of what the reference sheet looks like.  I am going to attempt the put a link for the PDF here in case you want to print it out for your own reference.  Since I never tried to link to a PDF before, please be patient if it doesn't work.

Also remember that the size for the height of the completed bags is based on a cut from an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.  I forgot to put that on the sheet.

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  1. Christina! This reference sheet for bags from Platin Schoolbook was awesome!! SOOOOO helpful! Thank you!


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