Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sports Birthday Party

What do you do when you have an all sports birthday before the Sports Mania cartridge even existed? You improvise! Boy, do I wish that cartridge was out when my boys had their 3rd birthday with a sports theme.

I bought the sports theme plates and napkins at Party City, along with the happy birthday banner. Those were my color inspirations. I then made the All Stars Brandon & Connor in publisher using the Collegiate font. I printed it out on my color printer and then cut each letter out.

For this hockey table cloth and the football one above, I used a plain green and white plastic table cloth. Then I took electrical tape in white, red, and blue to make the markings on the table cloth to look like the field/rink. The circles on the hockey rink are made out of cardstock. So are are the number on the football field. I used the font, garamond, and printed that out in publisher as well and cut them out individually.

For their birthday cake I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (since each son has a different preference) and decorated the tops to look like a football, basketball, soccer ball, baseball, and hockey puck (kinda). I set them up on what is supposed to represent bleacher type seating. I made those out of stacked cassette tapes (remember those!) then wrapped in white wrapping paper. The wrapping paper was the only long paper I had, but I should have used a bit more heavy duty paper.

Please excuse the messy decorated frosting job, this was before I got my cake decorating kit with pastry bags (thanks Mom!)

Other things I had were bowls shaped like a football, soccer ball, and baseball that came from Party City as well. The food consisted of ball game concession stand or tailgating type food like hot dogs, buffalo wings, peanuts, popcorn, etc.

I made the thank you notes in photoshop using digital paper from Atomic Cupcake.

I thought I had more pictures of all the other little details but I guess I forgot to take pictures of that!

I still haven't done their 3rd birthday scrapbook pages yet, but when I do I know I will definitely be using Sports Mania!


  1. Wow all of this is so cute. We just started a baking class. I need some tips. Come check out our very messy cakes on my blog!!
    What a great mom you are. This party must have been tons of fun!!

  2. Thank you so much! If you have any baking questions just let me know, I would be happy to help and give tips. Although, your cakes looked great and I think you and your daughter are doing fine!


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