Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Disney Mania

Many projects I start working on, halfway through I think to myself, "What did I get myself into?" I always seem to be happy with the results and once it's finished I always say it was worth it, but during the process I usually have a few choice words.

My latest - my son's autograph book from our Disney World vacation. I thought it would be perfect to use the Disney Cricut cartridges for the characters and names...until I had to start cutting and piecing those things together! Oh my! First I had some trouble cutting some of the smallest and thinnest pieces and would have to try a couple of times to get a cut good enough to use. Then I actually had to glue on those tiny pieces. Some of those tongues are quite small! All the while I am thinking to myself, why didn't I just use stickers???

Of course, once I was all done cutting, piecing, and gluing and I looked at them all together, I was quite happy! I love the dimension it gives, more than what a sticker would do. I haven't even started working on the actual album yet, but at least I am done with this part of it.

I still have to do Lightening McQueen, but for that one I just may make his name using the cartridge instead of doing the car also. I made a fit to page Lightening McQueen for my son and it came out pretty big and it still had small parts so I can't even imagine having to cut it at a size that would fit in an 8x8 album. I also am trying to find stickers for other characters or at least something I can add to those pages.

I didn't put the album together before we went because I had no idea what characters we would see or even if my sons would be interested. Turns out, one was and one wasn't. So I just bought one regular autograph book and I tore out the pages that were signed and matted them on black cardstock. My album will be 8x8 and one side will be for the autograph and the other side will be for the picture. I am probably going to keep this album pretty simple, since I would like to be done with it before we go again (which might be in October for their birthday!!).

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  1. Very cute . I bought the CM disney 7x7 album years ago and had it embossed with some Disney wording on it and we have not been to Disney yet!


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