Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Back!

Good grief, it feels like forever! Trying to get into a new routine threw me for a loop. My boys started preschool 3 days a week, and my one son has to go for speech therapy once a week (for now). So I kinda lost track of time!

On top of the new schedule, I have been thinking a lot. I realize I am a scrapbooker first and foremost. I recently got into cardmaking and other paper crafts, but my first love belongs to scrapbooking. I love looking back at my pictures and reliving those memories. I also believe that the bad comes along with the good and scrapbooking is a kind of therapy for me. I have been through some struggles (infertility is a biggie!) and those are a part of my life and my memories and by scrapbooking some of them it helped to release some of those emotions that have been inside. Now that I have gotten into cardmaking, I find that it's so much fun to be able to create something in a short amount of time and design things I normally wouldn't for a scrapbook page. With that said, I am an equal opportunity scrapper...there are jut so many great products out there to be limited. I think that everything compliments each other and things can work well together even if they aren't from the same company. Please note that these are just MY feelings, and not everyone has to feel the same way.

I was really starting to enjoy my blog and the ideas that I had and I really don't want to give that up, along with my freedom to use whatever products I feel work best for my layout or card. I started another blog just in case I needed it, but I don't think I am going to use it. It just gets too complicated! So I hope whoever was reading before please sticks around because I will be starting to post my ideas, including the Cricut cartridge spotlight. I am just going to go back and tweak some things. I will also still be using Stampin' Up! stuff because, well, I have it now! lol...and because their products are really good. I love their 8.5x11 cardstock and their inks and I love that everything matches. I love their punches and the fact that they coordinate with some of the stamps. I still have projects and cards I made that I would like to show. So I just won't be selling, but I will be using. But I really needed my Basic Grey fix, especially with their new lines coming out!! Oh, and all the new Cricut cartridges...I really want From My Kitchen!

I would still like to keep my Cricut cartridge spotlight and my Friday Favorites, but I need to think about my Product of the Month and what to turn that into. I would also love to offer stamping tutorials like I was going to do, but now it just opens me up to more possibilities.

Now I have to get back to my poor, sick children who have only been in school for 3 days and they are already sick. Yuck!

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