Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grammy Countdown Calendar

Still haven't had a chance to make anything new, so here is the countdown calendar I made this summer for the trip to see my mom in NC.  She lives on Ocracoke Island which is known for the pirate Blackbeard and that's where the pirate theme comes in, along with the beachy theme since Ocracoke is part of the Outer Banks.

The colors I used were two of the retired colors from Stampin' Up! Taken with Teal and Cameo Coral, plus black and white.  The orange was Bazzill cardstock, but I don't know the specific names of the shade.  The grid, title, days of the week, and numbers are all from Designer's Calendar cartridge and the fish border, beach/sea accents, and pirate cuts are all from Life's a Beach.  For the fish border I used my Gypsy to connect the border together to make it the length I wanted, but to keep it the same height, I think it was 1" or 1 1/2" -  I can't remember.  The little red car was to signify my husband's car and that was the day we would be leaving.  I think that cut came from Going Places, but for some reason I didn't write that one down!

For the countdown circles I used Life's a Beach cartridge and selected the tag feature.  I think I did this before the hide contour feature was added, so I just cut out a bunch of the seagull tags and cut off the little loop on top that would make it a tag.  At night before bed my sons would take turns and put one seagull over the day that just ended and that way they could see how long they had left before we left to see their Grammy.

I enjoy doing these calendars for my sons and making them all different depending on what we are doing.  This fall we will be going to the Smokey Mountains  and I am hoping to do a calendar for that trip as well, maybe with a woodsy, nature theme!

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